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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I place an order?

A: It's pretty simple to order from us, and this is addressed on our How to Order page


Q: How can I pay?

A: Easy, you can pay using just about any payment method, credit card, cheque, bank deposit and more. Just ask your sales representative and let them know how you would prefer to pay


Q: How long does my order take to process?

A: Orders are processed within 24 hours, and we will contact you if there are any questions regarding your order


Q: How long does it take to receive my products?

A: We will let you know, but typically it is a short turnaround (unless large quantities)


Q: Can you ship to other countries?

A: We ship to most countries around the world, if you are unsure about your country, just ask us


Q: What Happens if my order is damaged during shipping?

A: We will replace/remake any items damaged during shipping/delivery


Q: What kinds of photos and artwork do you need?

A: Typically we prefer logos and artwork in vector format if possible (.ai, .eps or .pdf), or in the highest resolution you have them. We can professionally redraw logos and artwork if required


Q: Do you have templates I can use to design my own cases?

A: Yes, please ask us for the specific template that you need, and we can provide it to you to assist with your design


Q: Is your website secure?

A: Our website doesn't transact or take your orders, we personally do via email. Payments are taken online using PayPal or Square, which are both encrypted and safe


Q: Do you have a return policy?

A: Yes, we will replace any goods that are damaged in transit within 30 days. Custom cases can be returned if there is a fault or they are damaged during transit


Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: If your order is a custom made order, once it has been placed it cannot be cancelled, unless we have not started your order yet


Q: What is the Free Art?

A: This means that we will use your logo or design, to design the look, style and feel of your cases (or other products) for no charge




Es simple, todo lo que tiene que hacer es

1 - Ponerse en contacto con nosotros a través de cualquiera de los botones 'Consulta' o 'Presupuesto', o pase por la caja con el producto que haya seleccionado 

2 -2 -

2 -

4 - Nosotros fabricamos y enviamos sus productos personalizados

Consúltenos ahora, también podemos ayudarle a seleccionar la mejor solución para sus necesidades.